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Whether You Like It Or Not, Your Email Promotions Are Competing With Many Other Emails,
All Fighting for Your Customer's Attention. Are You Sure Yours Is Going to Win?

"Discover The Hidden Secrets To Writing Super-Responsive,
Profit-Pulling Emails That Instantly Increase Your Sales Ten-Fold!"

..Without Spending Months, Even Years Building Your List!

Email Marketing Is As HOT As It Used To Be A Few Years Back, But Your Competition Has Increased And Is Stronger! ..Read On To Find Out How To Still Be the #1 Attention Winner In Your Customers Inbox!

From The Desk Of Aaron Danker
Full Time Internet Marketer

Let me start by asking you something.. How many sales do you usually make every time you send an email to your opt-in list?

Now remembering that number, how would you like to learn an easy method to double or even triple it? Because in the next 3 minutes, you are going to find out something shocking to help you make your emails so responsive that you never had seen before.

But first, let's see this important news...

Your Customer's Inbox Today:
"36 New Emails..."

This is a fact. Your potential customers are receiving more and more promotional emails from your competition every day. This makes their inbox crowded and leaves little room for YOUR email to capture their attention as much as you want to make lots of sales.

Let's imagine this..

Your customer wakes up in the morning and opens up his email... only to see 36 new unread emails to check out, and your email being just one of the 36 others. Do you really think your email is going receive the full attention it deserves?

Wouldn't you like to find out a way to boost the power of your email to get double or even triple open rate and sales? Did You Know A Secret?

Responsive Email Marketing Is the #1 Easiest Way To Boost Your Sales...

Yes, this is a simple secret that most amateur email marketers miss. So they waste their time trying to grow their list bigger and bigger - thinking it is the only way to increase their sales.

But the truth is, you can much more easily double your sales by writing a more responsive email rather than trying to double your number of subscribers.

Let's do the simple math here..

Let's say you have a mailing list of 10,000 subscribers, but due to your current contact with them only 1% of them actually read your Emails.

That's (10,000 x 0.01) = 100 people paying attention to you.

Now when you do a product launch or promotion you can expect only 100 of them will be aware of it. Furthermore, you can't expect every single one to buy. Only a small percentage of that 100 will actually buy. In the real world, we're talking about 1% of that 100!

So if you're promoting a product selling at $97 you can only expect to make 1 sale. That's = (1 x $97) = $97 in sales. Not bad, but not that good either.. especially for a list of 10,000!

This is a mailing performing at only %0.01 which brings about poor results.

So how do we make 100x more sales?

Whilst you could increase your list size 100 times to 1,000,000 (which can will take years) it would be easier to increase the responsiveness of your list to 10% and the conversion rate of your promotion to 10% wouldn't it?

It's not as hard as it may seem and can be done with some very simple but effective marketing techniques that you're about to learn!

So now you have (10,000 x 0.10) = 1,000 people paying attention and reading your Emails. A good start..

Now when you come to do your promotion you're going to learn to become a better marketer and increase the conversions of your promotion by 10% with a few little tweaks.

Your promotion now converts at 10% (1,000 x 0.10) = 100 sales.
The product already sells at $97, so your profit is now (100 x $97) = $9,700!

You've now generated $9,700 from your list instead of $97 from the same list without added any more subscribers!

This is working smart - not hard. But how exactly did you do this?.. Well this is what you're going to learn today!

..Introducing "Automate My Emails":
The Step-By-Step Video Tutorials To Writing Your Own Response-Pulling Emails!

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